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Open-Plan Layouts to Consider

With the spring season over and summer in full swing, we turn our attention away from the work we have completed on our gardens and look towards some home improvements that can be made to the interior for the year ahead. This part of the year is the perfect time to start planning on some room repurposing, with many homeowners fancying an open-plan layout for the autumn change.

As architects Manchester, Cheadle Architects are no strangers to a stunningly realised open-plan living space. This fantastic use of potential space will bring you closer as a family and add distinct zones for cooking, eating, and relaxing while keeping you all together.

Practical Favourites for Open-Plan Living

The biggest appeal for open-plan space has been clients wanting a raised breakfast bar, a dining table, and a comfortable sofa, to relax alongside the kitchen. This design has been in demand to boost family living and entertainment in one space.

If your space is short and wide, you can design your areas to sit parallel to each other to make the most of it, creating an enviable aesthetic. Many homeowners use this setup so that a kitchen island, a dining table, a sofa, and a coffee table create clear lines and leave plenty of space between them.

Most people want open-plan living layouts because they want to entertain frequently, allowing their guests to feel more included and less enclosed.

Multifunctional Use

One key advantage of open-plan design is that the rooms can serve multifunctional purposes. They are spaces that everyone in the house can utilise for many purposes. Parents can easily watch over their children and stay engaged while they carry out whatever chores they have to.

The space will also provide more light and natural brightness thanks to the lack of partition walls. The light will make the room seem even more spacious, which can be delivered via large bay windows or an open ceiling plan to help reduce lighting costs usually needed for a larger space.

Covering the Important Areas

If you are planning to repurpose your living space into an open-plan living layout, a talk with your Manchester architect will help you find the best solutions to the following considerations.

You will need a plan to keep open-plan areas warm, especially when the months get colder. High-quality double or triple-glazing windows and an underfloor heating system may be ideal solutions. You also want to refrain from your open plan becoming a broken plan, and an option of partial walls may help to provide separation of areas.

You may consider a mixture of open-plan living and a more compartmentalized, private living space for home working or separate relaxation. Now is the time to start your conversations with the team at Cheadle Architects and begin your journey into open-plan living.


We had met with three architects prior to meeting Stelios. This meant that we really knew what could be achieved and how professionals behaved in our property.
From the start, Stelios blew us away. He was thorough, honest and listened carefully to all we both required from our home. He didn’t make wild promises but worked logically through all the options explaining every step.
By the end, we had a very clear and wonderful design really taking into account all our likes and wants for the build. He made changes in a very short period of time whenever we thought of something new and helped us visualise stages if we were ever unsure. And our builders were more than happy to have drawings in front of them which gave us confidence we were all on the same page.
Stelios went above and beyond connecting us with a structural engineer, and visiting the build site several times – just out of interest and enthusiasm – offering invaluable suggestions and advice which ultimately helped us achieve the family home we dreamt of.
It was an absolute pleasure dealing with Stelios and we couldn’t recommend highly enough. Thank you, Stelios!

Now nearing completion, I thought this an opportune time to write a testimonial for Stelios from Cheadle Architects.

Liz and I always dreamt of that showroom quality, bright white open plan kitchen diner … the kind you see on TV and not in your own house, but where do you start? … The answer is simple, find someone who shares your vision, grabs it by both hands and not only delivers the goods, but improves on your ideas 10-fold! – Stelios was that person.

From the moment we discussed our ideas you could tell his creative cogs where turning… Not only did he provide us with 1 option, but 3!!! … each detailed to a high level. We would have never thought of squeezing in a utility room with its own external access, let alone removing the whole ground floor wall of the house and stepping back into the existing property nearly 2m.

Stelios organised all the necessary civils, building regs etc and delivered professionally whilst working to a tight timeline so the builders could start without delay.

Stelios – You did a great job and worked long hours to get this sorted for us… So… something I think I be repeating a lot … word of mouth goes along way… and I certainly will not be shy in telling everyone who asks who designed our wonderful extension…. “Stelios from Cheadle Architects did!”.

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