Cheadle Architects

We are flexible in our service provision, offering bespoke tailored packages with competitive fees

We offer a full range of architectural services including; feasibility assessments, planning applications, building regulations drawings and specifications, and tender packages as well as site reviews.

Initial Consultation

  • At the first meeting, we will discuss your brief and study your property or site.
  • We will discuss your ideas and how we can surpass those expectations.
  • We will raise any concerns that we feel may impact your project, such as planning constraints to site adjacencies and access among other aspects you may not be aware of.
  • We will provide you via email with a fee proposal based upon the outline brief, the planning complexity and relevant design issues presented.

Measured Survey

  • Upon receiving instruction, we will visit the site to conduct a professional measured survey and gain photographic record.
  • When working with larger and complex buildings it may be deemed necessary to appoint a third party to conduct a survey. We would point this out early and be able to provide realistic and professional quotes from specialist surveyors.
  • We will provide a copy of the completed survey for your records.
  • On occasion, additional searches may be required to be undertaken such as statutory utility and legal to identify any potential covenants or easements that could hold up development. Details of the costs will be included with any recommendation.
  • We will always provide an updated brief, initial sketch ideas and site analysis based off of these investigations.

Sketch Design Options

  • Many clients like to sit and review the options, especially with any unknowns that may be presented. We take this opportunity to hold a brainstorming workshop to generate more ideas with the client to have them further engaged within the design process.
  • We produce a series of design options and layouts to meet client satisfaction prior to moving onto the detailed design stage.

Planning Drawings

  • Upon finalisation of the brief, we will produce a design for approval. The design drawings include the plans, elevations, site plans and sections if required.
  • We are also able to provide 3D visuals to better understand the proposal through simple illustrations. 3D visuals assist planners, neighbours and other parties for more challenging and complicated projects.

Planning Submission

  • Once you are happy with the design we will finalise the drawings ready to be submitted with the planning application. We will fill out the necessary paperwork to be submitted to the local planners.
  • If your development falls under ‘permitted development’, and doesn’t require planning permission, we can talk about whether you would like us to apply for a Certificate of Lawful Development. Many clients do this as it gives them legal certainty.  Drawings similar to those used for a planning application are required.
  • Applying for Certificates of Lawful Development usually takes the same amount of time as a regular planning application which is 8 weeks for minor applications [most domestic extensions and reconfiguration work].
  • Larger projects and new builds may require a design and access statement to accompany the drawings when submitted for planning approval.
  • Depending on the nature of the building and its location, the planners may request further information or reports, i.e. flood risk assessment, bat survey, tree survey etc.

Building Regulations Drawings and Specifications

  • The Majority of clients prefer to be in possession of planning consent before instructing the building regulation package, however, some clients prefer to proceed at risk. We can advise on the pros and cons with you on the speed of proceeding and the levels of risk involved to ensure comfort before going too far.
  • The detailed building regulations and construction drawings may require the input of other specialists upon preparation. Typically this would be limited to a structural engineer on small domestic projects to provide technical details, specifications and calculations.
  • All detailed technical drawings submitted will include any site plans, existing and proposed floor plans and elevations, detailed sections, specifications and reports that are required by building control.

Building Regulations Submission

  • Building regulations drawings and specifications will be issued to you for final review to give you the opportunity to ask further questions before the final submission is made.
  • On your behalf, we submit the drawings to either the local authority building control or an independent approved inspector. A quote will be provided by them on checking the drawings, specifications, structural calculations and requested reports.
  • Commencement for construction is as quick as 2 days from submission to the local authority or 5 days after agreeing to a price with an approved inspector. We can discuss this process in person further down the line so you know what to expect from the building inspector / approved inspector.


  • We can manage the tender process by collating drawings, specifications and reports that diagnose the scope of the work involved.
  • We can provide you with contact details of tried and tested contractors available to suit the size and complexity of your project.
  • We can also suggest appropriate building contracts to be entered into by you and your builder. We recommend a JCT Home Owner / Occupier Form of Contract for the majority of domestic work; many builders may suggest their own.
  • Architects can perform the role of contract administrator depending on the scale of the project. This would permit us to administer the terms of the building contract by dealing with such matters as contract performance and applications for time extension. Critical to this role is performing valuations from regular site visits. Staged valuations like these are integral for paying the contractor on basis of work performed under contract terms. This could also be carried by the contractor, project manager or quantity surveyor directly.
  • We can provide regular site reviews along with fee proposals for each type of engagement.

Interior Design Service

  • We can assemble a tailor-made package of finishes that are bespoke to your needs. Through our trusted network of suppliers, we can provide recommended kitchen suppliers, bespoke joinery work, flooring and any other requirement.
  • We can also provide you with details of preferred interior design companies who we work with to provide you with this service.


We had met with three architects prior to meeting Stelios. This meant that we really knew what could be achieved and how professionals behaved in our property.
From the start, Stelios blew us away. He was thorough, honest and listened carefully to all we both required from our home. He didn’t make wild promises but worked logically through all the options explaining every step.
By the end, we had a very clear and wonderful design really taking into account all our likes and wants for the build. He made changes in a very short period of time whenever we thought of something new and helped us visualise stages if we were ever unsure. And our builders were more than happy to have drawings in front of them which gave us confidence we were all on the same page.
Stelios went above and beyond connecting us with a structural engineer, and visiting the build site several times – just out of interest and enthusiasm – offering invaluable suggestions and advice which ultimately helped us achieve the family home we dreamt of.
It was an absolute pleasure dealing with Stelios and we couldn’t recommend highly enough. Thank you, Stelios!

Now nearing completion, I thought this an opportune time to write a testimonial for Stelios from Cheadle Architects.

Liz and I always dreamt of that showroom quality, bright white open plan kitchen diner … the kind you see on TV and not in your own house, but where do you start? … The answer is simple, find someone who shares your vision, grabs it by both hands and not only delivers the goods, but improves on your ideas 10-fold! – Stelios was that person.

From the moment we discussed our ideas you could tell his creative cogs where turning… Not only did he provide us with 1 option, but 3!!! … each detailed to a high level. We would have never thought of squeezing in a utility room with its own external access, let alone removing the whole ground floor wall of the house and stepping back into the existing property nearly 2m.

Stelios organised all the necessary civils, building regs etc and delivered professionally whilst working to a tight timeline so the builders could start without delay.

Stelios – You did a great job and worked long hours to get this sorted for us… So… something I think I be repeating a lot … word of mouth goes along way… and I certainly will not be shy in telling everyone who asks who designed our wonderful extension…. “Stelios from Cheadle Architects did!”.

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